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Green H2

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Green hydrogen produced by renewable energy is a paramount clean energy carrier and industrial feedstock for a carbon-neutral world. H2 can be stored in condensed molecules for further applications. We focus on the conversion of hydrogen resource and carrier molecules driven by sustainable energy.

H2 from Water Splitting Technology

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Solar water splitting provides a promising way to produce green hydrogen in a large scale that matches up with the huge demand in a sustainable society. Compared with high-efficiency but costly PV-EC approach, low-cost and scalable PC systems suffer from low efficiency currently. We are committed to improve the efficiency through rational design of photocatalysts and reaction systems.

Coupling Water Splitting with Biomass Refinery

OWS BP.png

Conjugation of water splitting and biomass refinery not only makes the utmost of photogenerated holes to yield valuable chemicals concurrently with hydrogen production, but also addresses the separation issue of hydrogen and oxygen derived from photocatalytic overall water splitting.

H2 from CH4 and Carrier Molecules

H2 from carrier.png

CH4 can be a clean H2 resource if the carbon atoms are duly handled without CO2 emission. Also, it is critical to synthesize and then decompose carrier molecules like NH3, NH3BH3, CH3OH, HCOOH, etc. in an efficient and energy-saving way for the utilization of H2. We are dedicated to the catalytic conversion of these molecules with high reaction rates and selectivity.

Research Focus 

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